my24hourincome.com Business Model and System objective:

The #1 goal is to provide multiple sources of withdrawal-able daily income for all our members.

Our objective is to provide members with top notch advertising at a very affordable price...

We strive to see you have the best possible experience with us at my24hourincome.com.


~Drew Burton

PS. See our finely tuned detailed Business Model below

my24hourincome.com Earning Opportunity:

We also provide some additional but limited earning opportunities to all our members as detailed below:

Earning Opportunity #1 - Advertising Referral Commission:

As an incentive for promoting the services offered in our site,
we offer all our members 12% referral commission over 3 levels (8-2-2) on every adpack purchase made by their referrals.

Earning Opportunity #2 - Revenue Sharing Rewards (Profit Sharing):

Revenue sharing is done until the members receive up to 130%
earnings on their adpack purchases depending on the package purchase.

Please note that these earnings depend on the sales of Adpacks.
In principle, we cannot, and do not guarantee any earning, or speed
of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income
opportunity. As it is NOT an investment program or an illegal money making scheme,
we have set maximum withdraw at 1000.00 per day for secure sustainability.

Earning Opportunity #3 - Licensed Affiliated products:

Affiliated products or income builders from my24hourincome.com

We are proud to be the first revenue sharing site that provides our member base with an in-house
affiliate marketing place that serves.
This opprotunity serves two purposes, 1... is a great way to build your list of qualified business people,
and 2... the opportunity to create another source of income for you and your referrals with a 70% commission structure to you.

We strongly believe that our well established payplan allows us to maintain our program sustainability and therefore make it
very longterm and profitable for all of our loyal members for years to come!

We wish you an outstanding advertising experience with my24hourincome.com!

Details subject to change without notice.

More details will be available in the back office.